We’ve been talking about these glory days since winter! A time when the sun finally hits and opens the door for a summer full of freedom, fun, and...whatever other F bombs you wish to drop here! We’ve taken precious organic botanicals known for their magic in sweetening, attracting, conquering, freedom and leading the way! After blessing these herbs and praying over them, we’ve infused them in our signature raw oil blend and dashed some majestic pink cosmetic grade glitter in before infusing it with a sweet romantic scent. Palo Santo is present for protection and cleansing while cinnamon sticks heighten they energy! Set it off for Summer ‘21 new! This majestic potion has various uses from spiritual bath to body oil and back to love drawing spells!

Show the people you came to play no games! We Stan sis! We STAN!

Summer of Heaux Potion #21