Introducing our handcrafted Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Bath Potion! Made from Dead Sea Minerals, Epsom Salt, Coconut Milk, Avena Sativa, natural honey crystals, and a plethora of natural oils & essential oils that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This Bath Potion was designed especially for individuals with skin ailments, especially eczema and dry skin.


Oatmeal is a powerful soother for irritated skin. It also helps treat acne as it contains saponins which rids pores of dirt and ate anti-inflammatory and has anti-oxidants. Oatmeal is also extremely moisturizing due to the high level of fat found in it.


Honey is surprisingly very good for the skin as it naturally antibacterial so it's wonderful for acne treatment and prevention. Honey also assists with aging due to its antioxidants which slows down the aging process and boost to the complexion which gives the skin a healthy glow.
The Vitamin D found in milk has various benefits for the skin. It boost collagen production for youthful glowing skin, slows down fine lines and wrinkles, protects skin from free radicals that cause premature aging, helps fade dark spots and marks, reduces acne, and promotes elasticity.

Sprinkle some of this Potion into your daily face washing routine to brighten your face and keep acne at bay!


All of our bath potions are 100% natural with natural ingredients that are free of harmful additives and preservatives.

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Bath Potion