This listing is for one natural selenite crystal wand about 14" Long. 

Natural Selenite is a very powerful, cleansing crystal. Selenite, a crystallized form of gypsum, used for protection, shielding a person or space from outside influences. Natural selenite crystal log pieces are perfect for cleansing, charging, place other crystals on top as a display and/or to cleanse, charge, amplify energy, or use in crystal grids. Use Selenite crystals in a grid around your home or corners of a room creating a safe, peaceful space. Meditating with Selenite crystal aids in accessing past, future lives, esoteric knowledge, akashic records, sacred geometry, understanding of worlds beyond.

Metaphysical properties, crystal healing properties, Selenite crystals for protection, cleansing, clearing, charging, energy generator, crystal grids, spiritual activation, communion with Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, meditation on past and present lives, auric cleansing, bio-field tuning, activating upper Chakras, opening chakras, spiritual attunement, reiki, healing, chakra balance, alignment, healing practices, clearing energy blocks, overall healing, Selenite's powerful vibration clears, opens, activates the Crown chakra and Higher Chakras, an excellent crystal for all types of energy work, reiki practices, healing rituals, cleansing, spiritual work. Use Selenite crystals for removing negative energy blocks from physical and Etheric bodies and improve memory. Plus on a physical plane Selenite can reverse the effects of free radicals to heal and repair on a cellular level.

Jumbo Selenite Wand