Girllllllla lewk! Every woman needs that go to product that makes her skin not only smell delicious but look the part too! We’ve concocted this buttercream goodness and infused it with even more sugar and vanilla before topping it off with some serious cosmetic grade glitter to set that skin off right bew! You better werk him girl! 

8 oz bottle. Birth control not included. Pair it with our Heaux Cake Sugar Body Scrub

Now onto to the profession description below..

Rich and supple hair and body oil made from only the finest raw oils collected in the Caribbean. Made from various oils that are harvested the slow old fashioned way. Many from the local Rastafarians in Negril, Jamaica. Add a touch of cosmetic grade gold glitter and life is litty lit! Never refined, bleached, or filtered. Our Heaux Cake Hair & Body Oil contains NO mineral oil or fillers and all oils used are 100% pure with no additives. A heavenly blend of rich oils and essential oils needed to give your hair and skin the TLC it deserves. Can be used on both the hair and skin. Pair it with one of our body scrubs and bath potions to maximize your pampering experience. Treat yourself!

Heaux Cake Hair & Body Oil