Do you live/work in a tight space and are unable to sage? Do you want a travel size aura cleanser that you can use discreetly without folk all up in your business. Are you an Empath who finds yourself constantly needing to reset your energy and re-center yourself after dealing with the outside world? Well, do we have the product for you with 8 oz of goodness in a spray bottle!


Common uses of Palo Santo:

Cleansing the energy of a person or a place. If you burn palo santo in your house, it will be blessed by energies for you, your family, & your projects.

The smell of the Palo Santo puts you in a good meditative state.

Burning dried wood from the “mystical” palo santo tree and collecting its concentrated oils have been widely used in folk medicines and by shamans (“medicine men”) for centuries because of the tree’s perceived spiritual applications. The wood from palo santo trees is also commonly burnt as incense and used to make a natural mosquito repellent (like citronella oil) because it possesses aromatic resins and volatile oils.

The cosmic smell of Palo Santo keeps bugs and spiritual “bad energy” away, according to mystics. It’s truly a mood-changing treat.

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Handcurated Palo Santo Aura Cleansing Spray