As told by our founder a.Nichole

I wanted to create something for "us".  I wanted to provide products that speak to our story. Something that would command the attention of onlookers as you walk down the street. You know? Shit with a statement. Shit that's bold and in your face but still fashionable & traffic stopping. I wanted to have products that promote spirituality, elevate one's vibration, sensuality, get them in touch with their sexual prowess, and promote oneness with self. I also wanted to create products that would cultivate our melanin and make us shine like the sun children we are. Most importantly, I wanted to create a space where people could get all of these products in one shop. What you see in my store is the hybrid of all of the aforementioned thoughts. I hope you enjoy. Bless up.




Meet Our Founder & CEO

Fearless. Bold. Against the grain. Free Spirited & innovative. The founder and CEO of Black Sauce is also a writer, public figure, philanthropist, motivational speaker, podcaster, behavior scientist, and Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate. A lover of all things art, wild, and outside the box; a.Nichole strives to bring you the best fashions, statement products, and items that inspire you while raising your vibrations simultaneously! Check out her Nikkie's Thoughts Podcast available on iTunes & Google Play (search Nikkies Thoughts) and make sure to hit her up on her social media below!

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